PHOTOGRAPHY MONDAY : Dark Side of the Lens

I have such a treat for you today! Photographer Mickey Smith created this soulful & hauntingly beautiful ode to the sea & living a creative life.  Near the beginning of the film, he says something about finding "subtle glimpses of magic," such an insight into the mind of an artist - after all, isn't that what get's us hooked? Also, I just can't get enough of these incredible shots of the ocean. It's so worth 6 minutes of your Monday - make sure it's full-screen, & get ready for a visual feast!

I should mention, that if it weren't for Kat Conte & her Muse: A Video Portrait Workshop on Skillshare, this video wouldn't even be on my radar right now. She is delightful & the class is an amazing value - take it if she offers it again, & you have any interest in sticking your toe into the video arena. Yes, I am putting a video project together for class. I may share it here ...but you should know, the video above is graduate level, mine will be more along the lines of a kindergartner ...err, maybe a preschooler.